Interview of Mr. David Tsang, Sales and Marketing Director
  David Tsang -
Sales & Marketing Director

Could you please introduce your company background? Is there any edge for your company?

Milliard provides one-stop purchasing service of electronic component. We have variety of components that save customers' time and cost, so our customers are able to find what they need efficiently. We are professional in helping customers to search for critical component. In the past, we have successfully helped 80% of our customers to search for these kinds of critical components. In order to expand our market share and explore more opportunity, we not only set up office in Hong Kong, but also in Shenzhen and Shanghai.

Facing a competitive market, how can you strive for success?

Now the market is customer oriented. I believe that customers are always right. So I request my staffs to fulfill what customers need. We should provide what customers want. If we do not have such kind of product, we should search for our customer. I always emphasize that, Milliard is an electronic components super store, so we have wide range of products. In this way, when a customer wants to buy a product, they will think of us immediately.

Nowadays the technology is prosperous, customers can get information easily. How can Milliard satisfy customers¡¦ needs and let them to be loyal to you?

95% of our products are in agent based. To have loyal customer, our salesmen are the key as they are the contact window to our customers. They represent our company image. So I request my colleagues to explain the detail of the product clearly to customers without conceal, whatever it is good or bad. Sometime the customers may not clear the weakness of the product or whether the product can fit their needs. If our salesman has not explained clearly, the customer will not buy from us again. If this is the case, customer will never loyal to us.

Staffs are an important asset to company, how do you manage you staffs and allocate the job duty?

I agree that staffs are an important asset to a company. Their performance and quality will have a great impact to a us. Staffs must have the same goal with company, so we can grow together. Allocating the job duty, I would ask those colleagues who are energetic and enthusiastic responsible for the sales job. We all know that selling is difficult. You can not do it successfully with energy and enthusiast. On the other hand, those who are more attentive will be responsible for sales coordination. They will support salesmen in daily operation and help them to follow customers' needs. In addition, I will interview all of the job applicants in person because I am the only one who knows what the company needs.

As a Sales Engineer, what kind of requirements is necessary?

I have just mentioned the requirement, which is energy and enthusiast. Selling is a difficult job. We always need to meet customer, sometimes we need to travel to China, so the working hour is very long. However, we may not able to get the business from customer in return. Even you have paid lots of effort, it is not necessary to get the return immediately. If you are easily dejected, you will never success. Therefore, energy and enthusiast are very important to a salesman.

Can you share your future plan?

I would like to operate our company better. I had mentioned before, I aim at operating Milliard as an electronic component super store, that's why I set up two sales teams in Hong Kong. They are responsible for different product lines respectively. At the same time, I also develop China market. Currently we have 3 Sales Engineers helping company to explore China market. I always emphasize that, our company needs motivation; so I would keep being creative and looking for talent. Recently I have hired a female to be a Sales Engineer. Many people think that this is a hard job and a girl can not handle it. However, I have different point of view. Girls are more attentive, they are able to take care customers. The fact proves that, girl also has the requirement of a Sales Engineer, energy and enthusiast. Her performance is as good as the others who are experienced.

As a Mobicon's subsidiary, in what way had Mobicon helps your company in development?

Mobicon has many subsidiaries over the world and the sales network is well developed. This can help us to expand our market share. And we have more channels when we are searching some critical component for our customers, so we are able to develop a wide customer base. In addition, Mobicon has helped us to handle many administrative works, this saves us operation cost so our price is more competitive.

Milliard has been the winner of The Most Outstanding Achievement for two years, could you please share your tips?

I just know what our company need, it's motivation. That's why most of my colleagues are very young, some of them are the first time to join electronic industry. I do not mind our colleagues do not have knowledge about electronic because they will not be bounded. They are creative and have new idea that we never think before. They would bring many new chances and creative to our company. At the same time, we also spend time on product that needs energy to develop, this is the components that need time and resource to develop. Most of the companies are not willing to allocate resources in this kind of component, but I have different opinion. There is demand of this kind of product in market. Furthermore this kind of product is different with others as its product life circle is longer, and profit margin is higher, so it's worth to develop.
Will we get the award in the coming year? To be honest, I think that we do not work for award, but for ourselves. Although Mobicon has many subsidiaries, we do not compete with them, but ourselves. I hope that we can do better and more outstanding this year.

Recently Milliard has a new partner, ROHM. Could you introduce ROHM and explain why you will cooperate with ROHM?

ROHM is the leading JAPANESE semi-conductor producer in Asia. We cooperated with ROHM at the beginning of 2009. ROHM's products are popular in market. However we do not promote these popular products, but the products that I mentioned before, products that needs energy to develop. We have also compromised with ROHM that we will not only act as an agent of their product, but also help them to explore and develop this kind of product. This will benefit both of the party.
When choosing a partner, we will consider the product quality and company loyalty. We do not mind to tide over hardship with our partner, so I hope our partner can tide over with us whenever up or down.


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